Tattoo Booking with Fleshpoker

Hey! Thanks for your interest in booking! Please fill out each section as accurately as possible. I focus on custom & flash tattoos! Designs focusing on imagery /miniature realism/miniature portraits/ surrealism are given priority ! color is also fun !

( plants, foods, landscapes, animals, random objects etc)

no text, no coverup or reworks.

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Once submitted you will receive a response within 24hrs to a week.


Keep in mind that i only do custom work, so i will NOT copy designs that have already been tattooed or drawn by someone else (unless you have their permission). BUT we can always use it as inspiration and make your own unique design from it.

Thanks for reaching out!

Designs I will be less likely to select include: Religious  concepts,  typography and  small simple/minimal tattoos.

Undecided  / unclear clients will also be less likely to be chosen as spots are limited.

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Thanks for submitting! much luvvv